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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spain is one of the most famous countries for tourist attraction. Each city has their uniqueness. Here I list tourist attraction for each city which I visited last year:

Barcelona: Since became host for Olympic Games in 1992, this city become more recognize. Make sure that you don’t miss Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece such as La Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell. Complete your days in Barcelona by visiting Nou Camp – host of Barcelona Football club, La Ramblas – one of the most vibrant strips in the world and Montjuic – you can overlook the city and find some museums which located in the hills.

Granada: for sure if you come here, you have to visit one of the most Moorish Palace, Alhambra. If you still have time, take a time to walk at Albaycin village. Try traditional tea in some coffee shop here. You’ll be miss it! 

Cordoba: the most visited attraction here is The Mezquita, former mosque become Cathedral. The beautiful places surrounding of this mosque is also worth to visit.

Seville: The most famous and touristy part of Seville is Santa Cruz and Plaza de Espanya. In Santa Cruz, go straight to the sight of Seville Cathedral, Giralda and Alcazar (be aware that Alcazar is closed on 25th December each year, I missed this place). If you have more time, find a bar who offer free flamenco dance.  

Madrid: as the Spanish capital, many places should be visit, but I can’t say much here, you can read the story. But you have to visit Plaza Mayor, Metropolis, Plaza del Sol, and Palacio Real.  

I am sure that there are other number places to visit. But I hope this can help, you might also read my stories (Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Cordoba, and Granada) to get an idea. 

Be sure that you already book your hostel and transportation before take off. Here are some important links:
- Book hostel here. You can compare each hostel and choose one based on your budget. You have to have a credit card to book, for confirmation.
- For transportation between cities, you can choose whether use train or bus, based on your schedule and time availability. I used bus last time. You can try this links: Socibus and ALSA

Have a nice preparation and trip to Spain..


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