the beauty of Sevilla

Friday, January 1, 2010

Spain 2 25.-26.12.2009- We arrived in the midnight, therefore we shared taxi (for five peoples). Here we stay in Andi's apartment. Our friend who formerly study in Bremen. Sevilla (read: seβiʎa), which has more than 2000 years old is a city of art, culture, and financial which is located in southern Spain, and cleaved by the River Guadalquivir. Residents of the city known as Sevillanos (feminine form: Sevillanas) or Hispalenses.

-the Giralda-
 -Sevilla University-

This city was once a vital center of Muslims of Andalusia, under the rule of the Umayyad caliph. Fall into the hands of the Christian king Ferdinand III in 1248. Some important monument in Seville is the Cathedral of Seville was built in 1401-1519, which was once a mosque. Cathedral reused some columns and elements from the mosque, and most notably the Giralda, originally a minaret, converted into a bell tower.
Another monument is the tower of Torre del Oro, The University of Seville which has stood since the 18th century, the Plaza de España was built in 1929.
the Plaza de España

people who are in love bond themselves with this, at the bridge

From here also came from a typical Flamenco dance. There is also a bridge of El Puente de Isabel II on the river Guadalquivir and building the 'Adriatica' (1914-1922). The city is very comfortable and clean. Although not classified as a metropolitan city, the city is already built metro subway. Along the way there are citrus fruit crops and become an attraction itself.
in a sudden, we saw a man draw Giralda from this corner

Unfortunately, no opportunity to enter the Alcazar, because it coincided Date December 25 ..After walking and walking, we end up at Mama Terra, a Pakistan kebab restaurant, and its Halal. Then we continue our journey to photograph Sevilla by the night.
  - mama terra : halal food restaurant in Sevilla -

El toro by the night

After exploring Sevilla all day and night long, we were ready for Cordoba and Granada...

Local Metro = 0.70 EUR per trip (use refilled card!)
mama terra food = about 3-5 EUR
Bus ALSA Sevilla - Cordoba = 10.36 EUR

Well, enjoy Sevilla trough my pictures!


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