Classical music concert live, first ever!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Well, finally this night (01/04/2010) I watched live classical music concert at Die Glocke, with friends who are studying in Bremen. Since this is the first time for me, I asked and searched what is the ethic when watching a concert of classical music, if its allowed to bring food, what about camera, and there are still many others "stupid" questions.

Classical music concert was completed by the Europa Chor Akademie. How wonderful, I could listen to the harmonization of the violin, flute, and various other orchestra musical instruments, as well as soprano, alto tenor bass voice and the compactness of the choir, directly. Ticket prices range from 7 EURO (students like me) to 40 euros.

Before entering into the hall, bags and jackets is deposited by paying as much as 1:50 euros. I asked the guard, if I can bring a camera inside, hiks was not allowed. Well compelled no documentation, I muttered in my heart. After that we headed to the entrance hall and show tickets, and upon entering the hall was already very full. We are in the very back row. But, frankly most comfortable position like this, because it could look wider, and need not worry if there is a sound system if the voice did not sound as Die Glocke is one of music's most famous buildings across Europe. And suddenly ...
Klappe! Suddenly everyone in the back row directly leads to a rather loud voice and "rude". Apparently an old man impatient to hear people whispering around him, because the concert was going on start ... Well apparently there are also people like this in German… human beings ..!
Sharp at 20:00, the concert had begun. Music by music shown up until 21:10. During the concert, all eyes were on the stage, with no sound and movement. We were so quiet and serious listen the music. Only at the turn track, the new seating position is replaced. The atmosphere is very quiet; just a little movement would have sounded.
After the concert lasted an hour there was a break for 20 minutes. Well this time I used to take some food in my bag which had been deposited. I also took the camera. I am just desperate, who knows I have the opportunity to take photos.
The bell sounded two times means the entire audience was required to enter into the hall again. Music and music is played back. I just realized, it appears that each finished one song, the applause was not always there. Sometimes, the sign of the gap between music "quite long", or when the Conductor turned toward the audience. In between performances, finally I can "steal" a few photos, and of course I am very satisfied!

Exactly ten minutes before eleven o'clock, the concert ended. We also rushed to take our goods which deposited. Then I, Adrian, and Ucup, went back to the Hall just for taking pictures above the balcony (which may be provided for a ticket 40 euros). And yes, the view from here is incredible! Maybe next time with my wife, sounds good :) 

At 23:06, Bus 24 direction Rablinghausen brings me back to the house, with a stomach that has been grumbling and I hope there is stock of "instant noodles" in my room ...


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