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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

At the end of last year 2009, my friends and I had a "close year" holiday in Spain (see my stories of Madrid, Seville, Cordoba, Alhambra-Granada, and Barcelona) . For this time, I share some tips and tricks that can be carried out before and during a visit at the Alhambra, the famous one in Spain. I hope this can be useful for you all.
  • Tickets cost EUR 13 applies to all, there are actually a special discount students under 30 years old, but there is a special price for student, however there I could not apply this, because 'perhaps' only for Spain student.
  • If you do not have time to book online at Alhambra official website, try to come as early as possible, at least one hour before the ticket locket open (the locket open at 8:00), because if not, will get stuck with a very long queue, and will likely not get a quota in that day because the quota was exhausted visitor tickets, especially on Sundays or public holidays. 

  • Select hostel is close to the Alhambra, so it is not difficult to arrive early to the ticket booth.
  • With a quota to enter Nasrid Palace in the morning, so we photographed parts of Alhambra freely , without knickknacks passing people hehehe ..
  • In addition, we could stay longer in the Nasrid Palace. I got to be around two turns in order to satisfy curiosity and photographs that have not been photographed. Because we could not get in here again, after the exit.
  • There are some parts of the Alhambra complex. Starting from Nasrid Palace (this is approximately 800 meters from the entrance, and only this place is applied a time control, so the tickets can watch the shift in time allocation). After that there are parks along to the Generalife. Before you go out do not forget to go to Charles and the Alcazaba Palace.
  • Do not buy souvenirs at the Alhambra ticket counter or in front of the Alhambra. A few shops near the slopes offer cheaper prices and varied.
  • Do not forget to try the tuna boquette for only 2.50 EUR with a large portion, which is located near the Hostel Dona Lupe.
  • Read the history of Alhambra before visiting, so it can fit into all of the imagination.
  • Do not forget to bring lunch, at least snacks, chocolates, etc., along with beverages.
  • Last but least, Do not forget to battery charges. Bring a spare memory card and battery.
So guys, don't forget to share your memories here after you visited Alhambra..


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