Flea markt in Germany

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday and Sunday is a very exciting time in Germany. Not because of the festivals or free concerts, but this weekly event has sucked most of people "lower middle income" or student (like me) to sneak in a cheap shopping. In Germany called Flohmarkt, or as in Indonesia might be interpreted "pasar loak", or in the United States called "garage sale". This type of market has a lot in various cities in the world, but in different terms and traditions. So, if you have time when visit some cities in Germany, just keep your eyes on this.

According to Wikipedia, mention that the term of this market is still much debated. According to the book "Word and Phrase Origins", the term comes from "Vallie Market" of Manhattan. However, some others saying that came from a flea market in rural areas of Paris which run since the late 17th century. While in Germany the term is derived from the last king Kleidergaben..

Western-style flea market, selling various used goods whose price is very cheap. Goods sold are also very varied, from children's toys, housewares, electronics, and carpentry tools. In addition, we can bargain here. This flea market is usually held in the open area, but in some places in the hall or building.

Traditional flea market is often organized by voluntary associations or specially formed working groups in each community. Some very famous flea market in Germany because of including the largest, longest and oldest, for example, flea markets of Berlin, Frankfurt (I've been here!),  Bonn, Munich, Bremen (I live here :) ) and Hanover.

So, if you need something cheap while in vacation, just come to flohmarkt.


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