The Palace of Versailles - France

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Paris 5 - We were heading Palace of Versailles, or usually called the Château de Versailles. Actually, initially I was not too interested to get here, because we have to travel out about 45 minutes from the City of Paris. But, one of my friend really recommended this place. So, we just take the chance. But, suddenly just feel terrible when we arrived we have to joint into the very long queue.

After making the long line, we paid the tickets costs13.50 EUR per person (my son is free). There is also a ticket to enter the park (costs about 8 EUR), but we decided to enter only the palace. They provide headsets which explain detailed information, but we did not take it. Because I have to carry my son since stroller can not get in.

Once entered, my assumption proved wrong, this palace is very very very interesting. Does not stop me chuckle amazed at the grandeur of the building, which frankly is beyond my reasoning. The Château de Versailles was indeed included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site aka the world's cultural heritage. Again, how lucky us!

Back to the history, long ago, in 1682, Versailles became the center of political power by King Louis IV after moving from the city of Paris. This building began constructed in 1661 to meet the desire of King Louis IV, and was formally established on May 6, 1682. And continued until Louis XIV. I was wondering, how they can built this things at that time.

It was nice to feel the luxury and splendor of the kings of France. Starting from the reading room, the king and queen beds, fireplaces, halls for meetings. All sizes are Big and Beautiful. And the most striking again, a meeting/dancing hall was directly confronted with the views of the park, which is already in design with beautiful ... Again wondering, how much does it costs to build this palace.

It turned out that the palace of Versailles has been given permission in order to producing film, one of the most recent was Marie Antoinette. The film was released in 2006 starring Kirsten Dunst. Hmm .. so I really want to watch this movie again ...

After touring, of course, very tired but I am certainly very happy.


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