Werder Bremen fight AC Milan

Thursday, February 19, 2009

wesser stadionIt was like a dream, when i heard Werder Bremen will fight with AC Milan, right here in Wesser Stadion Bremen. It is really a good opportunity for me to watch live. So, I asked my friend also to joint. Then we were starting to search ticket, and we end up in ebay.com. Thank God finally we got it, but we have to wait until 18.02.2009, the H day, because he was in a journey.

Back to the game. This is round 32 of UEFA Cup 2008-2009. The first match result was 1 to 1. But I tell you, Werder really deserved to win. They had many chance to get score. But game is game. Like Germans said "Nach dem Spiel vor dem spiel", after this game there will be another game. The 2nd leg will be in AC Milan house in Italy. For your information, this season will be the final one using the current format; starting in 2009, the event will be known as the UEFA Europa League.

Well, this was my first experience watching international football game live in stadium.  It was great to see Dida, Pirlo, Ronaldinho, Insaghi, and Beckham live!!! So win or lose, really doesn't matter for me. Guys, enjoy my pictures to feel the atmosphere in Wesser Stadion...


Mike said...

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yogi itk42 said...

Ass. bunghaw.....,
bang, mau nanya harga tiket dalam rupiah untuk sekali pertandingannya itu berapa ya??
Ich beeindruckt sie mit...
yaaahh..milan akhirnya ga lolos..masih lama ya di sana ya bang??

bunghaw said...

@ Mike : thanks for passing by..

@Yogi : waalaikumsalam..wah berapa yah, yang pasti sih berkisar 20-40 eur (itu tribun di belakang gawang, kalo samping sekitaran 40-100 eur. Alhamdulilah Werder masih terus berjuang..Insya Allah sampai 2011 disini..

insaghi said...


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